The Super Cops (1974)

Still missing that damn fish restaurant but pretty much have found all other locations from this film. I have started taking modern pictures for the already-identified places, with more to come.




Driving Through the Neighborhood

Once assigned to their first precinct, Greenberg and Hantz drive through the neighborhood to get a lay of the land, passing Pan Am Car Service at at 434 Nostrand Avenue..


The Police Station

Greenberg and Hantz arrive at the former 21st precinct house which was at 627 Gates Avenue.
After busting a gang at a nearby warehouse, Greenberg and Hantz march the arrestees into the station, with a gas station at 584 Gates Avenue in the background.
After being reprimanded for not following proper police procedure, Greenberg and Hantz “do things by the book,” pulling over cars in front of the station for any infraction, no matter how small.
The next morning the Captain discovers the street is full of cars, basically turning Gates Avenue into a massive impound lot,



Talking to an Informant

Greenberg meets up with an informant in front of a candy store at 532 Gates Avenue and learns of a drug deal going down nearby.


Drug Bust

Cops race past PS 044 Marcus Garvey at 432 Monroe Street and arrive on the scene of a drug bust.
Officers run into an apartment building at 492 Throop Avenue to assist Greenberg and Hantz with the arrests.


Hiding in the Alley

A local junkie shuffles east on Gates Avenue, heading towards Throop Avenue.
Standing in front of 619 Gates Avenue, Greenberg and Hantz watch her as she walks by.
The two cops slip into an alley and hide in a dumpster to watch a drug deal go down, but their cover is blown when a load of garbage is dumped onto them, and then the dealer rolls the dumpster towards 576 Gates Ave.


Local Bar

While having drinks at Hank’s Tip Top Inn at 363 Halsey Street, David Greenberg flirts with Sara, the hooker he met earlier.


Sara’s Apartment

Later on, Sara drives Greenberg east on Gates Avenue, coming from Tompkins Avenue.
She decides to invite him into her apartment.
The two of them go into her building at 510 Gates Avenue (since demolished).


Stolen Vehicle

Greenberg and Hantz drive an unmarked car, approaching the intersection of Putnam and Stuyvesant Avenues.
They spot a stolen car traveling south, passing 260 Stuyvesant Avenue.
The two cops turn left in hot pursuit of the stolen vehicle.
They catch up with the car and cut off the driver in front of 276 Stuyvesant Avenue.
The approach the car and are able to stop the driver from drawing a pistol on them.

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