NYC in Film

Finding movie locations in the Big Apple.

Missing Locations

Here are some new and some old missing locations. I will do my best to keep this page updated, putting any new entries on the top.

In each entry I’ve included a key frame from the film (don’t forget you can CLICK TO ENLARGE) as well as a link to a movie clip (in bolded red).



Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

Would be great to find this as it seems to be a long-puzzling location with cinephiles. The movie gives a fake Great Neck address, however, it seems plausible they did shoot this quick exterior somewhere in that area on Long Island, especially since they shot a scene in nearby Port Washington.


The Owl and the Pussycat (1970)

There are only two missing locations left from this movie. Neither are a high priority. The Pawn Shop looks to have a 901 on the door and the Dress Shop looks to be on a two-way street.

By the way, other filming locations include: A pair of apartments at 1st Avenue and 59th Street, Lincoln Center, the World Theatre at 153 W 49th Street, Doubleday Book Shop at 673 5th Avenue, an apartment at 20 E 94th, and a bunch of places along W 57th Street, including the old Riker’s Restaurant at no. 57.


Pawn It?

Dress Up

Crimes and Mistermeaners (1989)

This park is frustrating me. I swear I know it, but can’t place it.  I think those are handball courts in background.


The gas station is supposedly in the Closter/Alpine area of New Jersey. Some Facebook user seemed certain that the Shell station was on Closter Dock Road.

Gas Station


Just a short clip from the film within the film. Not a priority.


Not a priority either but it’d be nice to find. Wondering if that is the Hudson River.

Fancy Club

The Group (1966)

I think I put these missing locations on the site before but for some reason I took them down. In any case, here are a few missing diddies from this largely forgotten Lumet film, but they aren’t a priority.

The park scene looks to be near a waterfall or some rocky brook. It might be near Tavern on the Green which was used as another filming location.


The waterfront scene baffles me a bit. On the left appears to be an elevated highway, but it might be the High Line. There was another scene that took place on the Hudson River; maybe both were shot near each other.

Waterfront or Back


Blast of Silence (1961)

There are several small bits here and there missing from this movie. They shot mainly in Manhattan but shot all over, from Harlem to Midtown to the East/West Village.

I am putting these clips in order of preference, with the first three being the ones I’d like to find the most.

Naturally, I’m most eager to find this! I first thought the bootblack was in the East  or West Village, but hard to know for sure. I figured out that the reverse shot (pictured above) was filmed at 104 E 30th St but I’m pretty sure that that is a different location from the bootblack.


This church steeple looks distinct enough to be found, but could be tricky if this was shot in the suburbs. But it could also be in some undeveloped part of Brooklyn or Queens. Apparently the style of  the bells is Spanish which isn’t very common in NYC, so perhaps it’s stock footage.

Xmas Bells

Even though the shots of him standing on a stoop is intercut with shots of the intersection of Commerce and Barrow Streets, the two don’t seem to be next to each other. But I figure it’s somewhere in the Village.

Cherry Theatre

SItes seem to think this was shot in Spring Creek Park in Brooklyn. It looks about right, but would like to try to figure out where those old houses along that channel of water used to be (assuming they’ve all been torn down).

Superman Watches the Action

Seems unlikely to be found, but thought I’d just toss it in there. Could be Staten Island as the previous scene had the main character on the SI Ferry. I definitely am not going to get my hopes up.



The Survivors (1983)

We are pretty sure this is the old unemployment office on Bayard and West Broadway, but still need to confirm..

Blue Card


This diner may be impossible to find. Judging by what is out the window, they probably shot it somewhere on Long Island or very rural Queens. Thought maybe the name of the diner is on menu board below what looks like “Specials.”

Reed Robbery


I was able to identify all the other locations used in this “working” montage. The first two scenes were shot in Tribeca — one on Reade Street and one on West Broadway. The dog walking was shot on Park Ave and E 68th Street. I guess the biggest clue to figure out the hotdog location would be identifying that office building. Maybe it was also near Tribeca but could be anywhere else.

Bowl of Cherries


Bonfire of the Vanities (1990)

This is the only missing location from this fairly awful film… but certainly notorious. Anyway, I was guessing that this was shot in Queens (although presumably it was taking place in the Bronx). Astoria seems like the most logical place because they reportedly shot some interior stuff at the studios there. But I looked around and couldn’t find anything.

A Student


Prizzi’s Honor (1985)

They shot some other stuff taking place in similar-looking neighborhoods in LA, but I think this might be NYC because of the red emergency phone seen on the far corner.

Prizzi’s Fire

Midnight Cowboy (1969)

So here are a few loose ends, many of which I have shared before. UPDATE: Many have since been found, only the scenes described below are still missing.

Cafeteria with lady playing with rubber mouse is likely an old Times Square eatery but seems as though we’ve searched for this before and ended up failing.

Laundromat location seems impossible to find but I included it for it’s brilliant usage of the Italian language.

Restaurant is also likely impossible to find but thought it felt like it’s UWS.




Goodfellas (1990)

Here is a montage of odds and ends of missing or questionable locations. Most of these are probably impossible to find but maybe there’s some production notes out there that could shed some light.

The courtroom scene at the end of the movie was supposedly shot at 60 Centre. Perhaps the early “popped your cherry” scene was also shot there. They appear to exit a “Room 30.”

Airport stuff was supposedly shot at JFK but would like to confirm it and if so, figure out exactly where at airport it took place.

The parking lot scene with Karen crying was described on a website as taking place “in the Parking lot next to Wykagyl Country Club in New Rochelle NY as per another posted source – not verified.”

Henry and Karen’s first house was has been found. It’s located in Howard Beach.

The majority of the Tampa zoo stuff was reportedly shot at the Prospect Park Zoo, but would like to confirm and see if any of that brick stuff still exists.

No info on the prison location. But if I were to guess, I don’t thank that’s a real jail.

Storywise, the alley and parking lot where Morrie gets killed is near their hangout at Neir’s Tavern (87-48 78th Street in Queens), but it obviously could’ve been shot somewhere else.

The location of them driving past 5 Town Plaza has been found. It’s over on Rockaway Blvd near JFK. The plaza and the IHOP in the distance are still around.

Wise Guys

North by Northwest (1959)

This North by Northwest location has been a tricky one, which is surprising as it seems findable. Other stuff from the opening sequence was shot on Fifth and Madison Avenues, roughly between 42nd and 59th Streets, so I would only guess that this building was also in that area. Judging by the people’s wardrobe (and the lack of shopping bags), it’s probably not an office or store entrance. That may or may not be a no. 595 above the doors.

North Photoplay

The Struggle (1931) 

Pretty much all the confirmed exterior locations are within a four block area in the Bronx, centered around E 205th Street and Villa Avenue. It’s possible this apartment exterior was shot outside his area, but I would assume it was still nearby.

Nice Doggy


Since, as far as I can tell, everything was shot on the east coast, this is probably a real Bronx location, although it sort of looks like a backlot or an LA alley (a la The Ragman). As far as I can tell, that Tyler Lane is not a real name, but I haven’t done extensive research into it.

27 Tyler Lane


The Landlord (1970)

I think I shared this before, but thought I’d put it back up. Sources claim the church was located in Bedford–Stuyvesant neighborhood. It seems like it’s located at a T intersection.


The Kleptomaniac (1905)

Only thing missing from this is the very last scene where the woman is caught stealing at what looks like s corner grocery. I wonder what that awning thing in the distance is?

1905 Thief


Splash (1984)

This is almost definitely in the Los Angeles area. Probably not a real police station. I have this faint memory that this was actually already found and that it was an old school. But I have no evidence.

Seems to be a T-intersection at the end of the street.


Two Men In Manhattan (1959)


The one big clue is the Gulf gas station which appears to be next to an Esso station.

I looked up both Gulf and Esso in the white and yellow pages from 1958, but neither directory listed many locations. (I’ve actually found that gas stations seldom had exhaustive listings in the phonebooks back then.)

Just Call Eddie

Splendor in the Grass (1961)

Even though it’s supposed to be taking place in —of all places— Kansas, the film was entirely shot in the New York area. They shot at a (now-demolished) house at 4144 Victory Blvd in Staten Island, Christ Church Riverdale at 5030 Henry Hudson Parkway in the Bronx, some waterfalls at High Falls, NY, Horace Mann School at 231 W 246th Street in the Bronx, Riverdale Country School (Senior Building) at 1 Spaulding Lane in the Bronx, Dobbs Ferry High School at 505 Broadway, and City College in Manhattan. A few ranch scenes were also shot in West Islip, Long Island, but the exact address is unknown.

This is rumored to be the home of Elia Kazan’s brother, Avraam, who lived in Ardsley, NY, but I haven’t found any concrete proof that they actually used his home. I found an obituary for the brother’s son, Peter L. Kazan, which confirms he grew up in Ardsley and I found a medical directory which listed Dr. Avraam Kazan to be on Winding Road Farm., but nothing on that road seems to match the film. I have a feeling the mansion was probably demolished.



I have no information on this place, although it looks like something that’d be in the Riverdale area, but also looks like a place that would be gone today.

White House


How To Murder Your Wife (1965)

This is probably impossible to find, but thought I’d at least share. For the record, confirmed locations include: 174 East 75th Street, Bergdorf Goodman at 754 5th Avenue, Warwick Hotel at 65 West 54th Street, the former Allen’s Bar at 1271 3rd Avenue, 56 Central Park South, 865 1st Avenue, and the East River at S 2nd Street in Brooklyn.
Wondering if this was shot near East River, too. Old news articles indicated they spent several days shooting in that waterfront area, so seems plausible.


The Super Cops (1974)

The majority of the film was shot in Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, but i’ve Identified a few locations in other neighborhoods, including one scene in Manhattan. I thought I would start off by listing all the locations I found along with video clips:

French Movies 115 Montague Street
Car Pulled Over 272 Stuyvesant Ave
Assassination Attempt 1147 Fulton Street
Courthouse 31 Chambers St
First Police Station 606 Greene Ave
Second Police Station 627 Gates Ave
Drug Bust 492 Throop Ave
Candy Store Informant 532 Gates Ave
OD Victim 875-77 Dekalb Ave
Kids 657 Marcy Ave
BK Bridge 11 Water St
Rooftops 62 Bainbridge St
Undercover Bum 375 Court Street
Hank’s Tip Top Inn 363 Halsey Street
Cathouse  912 Broadway
Elevated Subway 1128 Myrtle Ave

I am guessing that Fish Delight Hut is a fake name, but apparently there was a real Mel’s Fish Delight Hut at 907 Fulton which closed down in 1972, but that doesn’t seem to be a match. (Mel’s closed around same time this movie was made so perhaps production bought their old signage and used it as set dressing.)

I’m wondering that in the reverse shot from inside looking out,.. is that a large post? And those rectangles… are those windows?

One last thought is about lamppost, which is the old style. Is that a replica like what’s around today, or is that really an old post from the early 20th century that never go removed?

Quit Beefing

Raging Bull (1980)


I figure this was probably shot in Little Italy somewhere, but I suppose it could have been shot in the East Village… or perhaps… shudder to think… on a set.

I know Scorsese did shoot a portion of the film back in Hollywood (in particular, the boxing arena scenes), so I thought it’s possible they shot this on a back lot and added the rain to help mask the fact they were in sunny California. (Same deal as that one scene in “The Lonely Guy.”)

I might go to Little Italy at some point and ask any old timers if they recognize the place or remember Scorsese shooting the film in the neighborhood.

Social Club



This quick scene of Jake and Vickie arguing is the only other missing location from this film, which I believe was actually shot in the Bronx. There’s a little bit of “home movie” footage at the top of this clip which took place at 1829 Tenbroeck Ave in the Bronx. According to a local real estate company, another scene was shot on Tenbroeck near Astor Ave, but I couldn’t find anything that matched the film.

But that being said, I suppose it is possible they shot this in Queens or something, but doubling as the Bronx.

Pelham, Bronx

The Hard Way (1991)

This pizza shop is one of only two missing locations from this film.

The vast majority of the film was shot in the East Village, but I have a feeling this restaurant was shot somewhere else, that is, if it’s a real location and not a set. Pretty sure the name is fake, though. I thought maybe the balcony might be a clue.

They also shot a long sequence in Times Square, another sequence near City Hall, subway interiors at Hoyt-Schermerhorn in Brooklyn, and another scene at a club at W 26th/6th Ave.

Sal’s Pizza


Seems unlikely to be found, but here is a back alley scene. Not much to go on.

They shot all “studio” interiors at Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx and I think it’s possible this was an “outside” set built there. I just think those stairs in a back alley/courtyard would be up against the buildings (like a fire escape) and not straight out. But who knows?

Rain Murder

The Best of Everything (1959)


So I found pretty much every location from this film except this one apartment building. There seems to be some conflicting indicators of where it’s supposed to be. A letter implies the character’s apartment is at 3 E 61st, but that doesn’t seem to make sense. (The current apartment building on that lot was constructed in 1979, and it looks like only small townhouses occupied the spot before.)

In the two scenes that take place in the front of the building, you can see an address of “427,” but we are pretty sure it was shot on a studio backlot. (The fact the camera always points towards the facades and that there is no evidence of a “REED & BLAIR” in NYC seems to support this idea.)

Regardless of whether the front is fake or not, the back (or side) of the building definitely looks real (at least in the wide shot above). But aside from apartment numbers on the garbage cans, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious clues. By the looks of the building, I’d say it was probably constructed in the 1940s or 1950s. (I’m wondering if someone ever created a color-coded map of NYC that shows building ages.)

Director’s Apartment


The Crowd (1928)


A lot of this sequence has been identified, but there are still a few missing pieces. The top of this sequence takes place at 37th St and 5th Avenue, but the part where the two men first meet their two dates is still unidentified. (See pic above.) Might be impossible to figure out unless we get lucky..

After they run to the bus, we get a quick shot looking up at a building on 42nd St near 5th Ave. The next shot of Mary going up the bus stairs is still missing.

Once they are all on the top of the bus, the action switches to downtown LA on 7th Street near Flower. It appears to stay in LA until the clown appears, then the acton switches to 8 W 57th Street in NYC. I do not know where the reverse shot of Bert takes place, but I believe it was shot in NYC as well.

The next two quick shots of John and Mary jumps to two different locations (both of which I believe are still in NYC). One of them is most likely on 5th Avenue as there is one of those unique traffic towers in the background.

The action then switches to a park, which I believe is Madison Sq Park on the 5th Avenue side. The lampposts look like the kind that were on 5th Ave at the time, plus the extra wide street seems to match where 5th and Broadway intersect around 24th Street. Haven’t found definitive proof, but Madison Sq Park seems like the most likely candidate.

The sequence finally ends with one long take on 57th Street, as they travel west from 5th to 6th Avenue.

Double Date

Double Date (Extended)



Part of this scene (where you can see the El in he background) was shot near 427 W 19th Street. However, I haven’t figured out where they shot the part where kids run across the street (in front of that building with a big arched entrance, which as far as I can tell, does not seem to have existed on 19th street). I’m pretty sure the shots of the Simms looking out the window was done on a studio backlot, but not sure if the kids running across the street was done on-location or at a studio, although the sort of gallimaufry of building styles seems to be something they’d do on a Hollywood set.

Ghost Kid Gets Killed



So, I think this might be a backlot, mainly because there’s a T-intersection in background and you never see more than one block in background. The “for rent” sign looks somewhat authentic and not something seen on a backlot, but it could just be an item added by a detail-oriented King Vidor.

Juggler Wanted

The Naked City (1948)


Missing this haberdashery that precedes the beauty salon. Probably impossible to find. That might be the name on window above door but pretty illegible (I reversed image above).




Looks like a bank lobby at the end of this sequence. I searched a bunch of images of “NYC bank lobbies” in Google (not Bing) but couldn’t find a match.


The Rag Man (1925)


Okay, I have a strong suspicion this was shot on a studio backlot. But perhaps not.

In the dialogue, they claim this was on Park Avenue, but the building at no. 19 —which has a construction date of 1924— doesn’t match what’s in the film.

Buying From a Boy



4 thoughts on “Missing Locations

  1. The Irishman (2019)

    Otto’s Garage

    Former “Western Highway Garage”
    Now “Daily Driven AutoSports”
    760 Western Highway North
    New York 10913
    United States

    Note: Although there is a version in the web with “Western Highway” only, the actual name of the road is “Western Highway North” (the street name plate at the junction with “Erie Street West”).

    Greg Mishevski
    (doing all the location work from Ohrid, MKD)


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