Missing Locations

Here are some new and some old missing locations. I will do my best to keep this page updated, putting any new entries on the top.

In each entry I’ve included a key frame from the film (don’t forget you can CLICK TO ENLARGE) as well as a link to a movie clip (in bolded red).

Garment Jungle (1957)


This is only major missing location left from this film. Can’t make out that neon sign on far corner, but it might be a clue. Not sure if the interiors are real or on a set, but if real, could offer a clue.

A lot of the film was shot in the Garment District in Manhattan — between 34th and 41st Streets near 7th and 8th Avenues.

Union Meeting

Night shift (1982)


My first guess is that they used the exterior of the actual city morgue on the southeast corner of 1st and and E 29th Street. But still haven’t found any definitive proof. Would love to find an old photo of the morgue, which you’d think exist somewhere.

Limo/Hearse Arrives

The Verdict (1982)


This was one of two scenes that was actually supposed to take place in NYC. So, I am guessing it was actually shot in NYC. But, there’s not much to go on. And who knows if this courtyard is still around. The woman character claims she works at “Chelsea Child Care” but I assume that’s a fake name.

Great with Kids

Wolfen (1981)


Been trying to find either of the tunnels Noonan drives through in this sequence. Haven’t had any luck yet, so I thought I’d throw it up on this page.

Park Problems 

Kiss of Death (1995)


Haven’t even tried looking for this location, and as I type this, I realize I don’t really care very much. I assume the buildings here are now gone, but they might still be around.

Hauling Stolen Cars

Harder They Fall (1956)


Wondering about this lot with the parked bus. It seems rather impossible to figure out, and not even sure if it was filmed in NYC. The building behind Bogie looks like a midtown structure, but I suppose it could have been in downtown LA or at a studio backlot. They shot a bunch of quick scenes in the Times Sq area so its conceivable they shot this bit somewhere midtown. But that building they come out of looks kind of fakey.

Note that this video has several scenes, in addition to parking lot scene.

The Crowd (1928)


A lot of this sequence has been identified, but there are still a few missing pieces. The top of this sequence takes place at 37th St and 5th Avenue, but the part where the two men first meet their two dates is still unidentified. (See pic above.) Might be impossible to figure out unless we get lucky..

After they run to the bus, we get a quick shot looking up at a building on 42nd St near 5th Ave. The next shot of Mary going up the bus stairs is still missing.

Once they are all on the top of the bus, the action switches to downtown LA on 7th Street near Flower. It appears to stay in LA until the clown appears, then the acton switches to 8 W 57th Street in NYC. I do not know where the reverse shot of Bert takes place, but I believe it was shot in NYC as well.

The next two quick shots of John and Mary jumps to two different locations (both of which I believe are still in NYC). One of them is most likely on 5th Avenue as there is one of those unique traffic towers in the background.

The action then switches to a park, which I believe is Madison Sq Park on the 5th Avenue side. The lampposts look like the kind that were on 5th Ave at the time, plus the extra wide street seems to match where 5th and Broadway intersect around 24th Street. Haven’t found definitive proof, but Madison Sq Park seems like the most likely candidate.

The sequence finally ends with one long take on 57th Street, as they travel west from 5th to 6th Avenue.

Double Date

Double Date (Extended)


Part of this scene (where you can see the El in he background) was shot near 427 W 19th Street. However, I haven’t figured out where they shot the part where kids run across the street (in front of that building with a big arched entrance, which as far as I can tell, does not seem to have existed on 19th street). I’m pretty sure the shots of the Simms looking out the window was done on a studio backlot, but not sure if the kids running across the street was done on-location or at a studio, although the sort of gallimaufry of building styles seems to be something they’d do on a Hollywood set.

Ghost Kid Gets Killed


So, I think this might be a backlot, mainly because there’s a T-intersection in background and you never see more than one block in background. The “for rent” sign looks somewhat authentic and not something seen on a backlot, but it could just be an item added by a detail-oriented King Vidor.

Juggler Wanted

The Spanish Prisoner (1997)


They shot some stuff in Boston, doubling for NYC, and I am guessing that this scene was shot in Boston, too. But I could be wrong.  (Obviously, I checked 110 Mott in Google Maps, but buildings didn’t match.)

Breads, Cakes

The Naked City (1948)


Missing this haberdashery that precedes the beauty salon. Probably impossible to find. That might be the name on window above door but pretty illegible (I reversed image above).



Looks like a bank lobby at the end of this sequence. I searched a bunch of images of “NYC bank lobbies” in Google (not Bing) but couldn’t find a match.


The Best of Everything (1959)


So I found pretty much every location from this film except this one apartment building. There seems to be some conflicting indicators of where it’s supposed to be. A letter implies the character’s apartment is at 3 E 61st, but that doesn’t seem to make sense. (The current apartment building on that lot was constructed in 1979, but it looks like only small townhouses occupied the spot before.)

In the two scenes that take place in the front of the building, you can see an address of “427,” but I can’t figure out if they were shot on a studio backlot. (The fact the camera always points towards the facades makes me suspicious of that.) But if it is a real location, there seems to be a sign at no 419 that reads “REED & BLAIR.”

Regardless of whether the front is fake or not, the back of the building definitely looks real. But aside from apartment numbers on the garbage cans, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious clues.

Director’s Apartment

Edge of the City (1957)


We think this is 550 Third Ave in Murray Hill. There seem to be many matching elements at the location today, but still not 100% sure. Hoping to see if I can find either “Murray Hill Shop” or “Denny” in a 1956 phonebook.

Local Bar


I originally thought this was most likely filmed somewhere on the Upper West Side or perhaps East Side… basically any Manhattan neighborhood that has brownstones. I had hoped that the church in the background would be a clue, but it didn’t help me.

I’m now thinking that this might’ve been filmed on a studio backlot. Not only because I couldn’t find a matching church anywhere in upper Manhattan, but also because of the way these two scenes were filmed. Firstly, the fact the camera never points down the street and only shows a couple buildings on either side of the street makes me think it was shot on a limited set. Secondly, the scene is very well-lit for an on-location night shoot in 1957. Considering the modest budget the film had, I sort of doubt they were able to rig several 5 or 10KW lamps on an actual NYC street to create such a sophisticated lighting effect.

Granted, this is all conjecture. It’s possible the location is real, and I will still see if I can find a NYC church that matches the one in the film. But I will also try and find any images of old Hollywood backlots (in particular MGM, which produced the film) to see if they match the brownstones or that church in these scenes.

Ellen’s Apartment – Ho ho!

The Gambler (1974)


In Business in New York State, an article implies this scene was shot at Atlantic Beach, Long Island. Cannot find any matching buildings. Beach looks very different today.


You’re a Big Boy Now (1966)


I’m not really interested in finding these locations, since Times Square is more or less unrecognizable today. But I thought I’d share this video in case there are any stores/theaters that appear to be readily identifiable.

The Days Before SpongeBob Squarepants

The Rag Man (1925)


Okay, I have a strong suspicion this was shot on a studio backlot. But perhaps not.

In the dialogue, they claim this was on Park Avenue, but the building at no. 19 —which has a construction date of 1924— doesn’t match what’s in the film.

Buying From a Boy

Two Men In Manhattan (1959)

Most of these are kind of pointless. They’re so dark and unclear that finding the locations will be nearly impossible. Plus the fact, they’re not very interesting. But I’ve included a few that kind of intrigued me.


By the looks of the skyline, we’ve determined it to be on Bowery. Of course, then the question would be… where on Bowery? Might be impossible to find since it’s so dark and unclear.

Driving Towards the Skyline


The one big clue is the Gulf gas station (which appears to be next to an Esso station).

I looked up both Gulf and Esso in the white and yellow pages from 1958, but neither directory listed many locations. (I’ve actually found that gas stations seldom had exhaustive listings in the phonebooks back then.)

Just Call Eddie

Rumble in the Bronx (1995)

I know this was in Vancouver but I’m still keen to find this location. It might be a set, but I don’t think so. Pretty sure they shot everything on real locations. But I do have a feeling that most of the elements (those metal staircases and pedestrian overpasses) are gone today.

I thought that “Columbia” might be a clue, but it didn’t give me any help. Do you think that’s a hotel?

Drag Race

Raging Bull (1980)


I figure this was probably shot in Little Italy somewhere, but I suppose it could have been shot in the East Village… or perhaps… shutter to think… on a set.

I know Scorsese did shoot a portion of the film back in Hollywood (in particular, the boxing arena scenes), so I thought it’s possible they shot this on a back lot and added the rain to help mask the fact they were in sunny California. (Same deal as that one scene in “The Lonely Guy.”)

I might go to Little Italy at some point and ask any old timers if they recognize the place or remember Scorsese shooting the film in the neighborhood.

Social Club


This quick scene of Jake and Vickie arguing is the only other missing location from this film, which I believe was actually shot in the Bronx. There’s a little bit of “home movie” footage at the top of this clip which took place at 1829 Tenbroeck Ave in the Bronx. According to a local real estate company, another scene was shot on Tenbroeck near Astor Ave, but I couldn’t find anything that matched the film.

Pelham, Bronx

Fort Apache the Bronx (1981)

Generally speaking, as far as I can tell, this film was predominately shot in central Bronx, with a good amount shot around the 41st Police Station House at 830 Washington Ave. The overall filming area is bordered by Westchester Ave (southern), Grand Concourse (western), Tremont Ave (northern) and Southern Blvd (eastern). However, they did shoot one scene in Harlem doubling as the Bronx so its possible they cheated one of these locations as well.


There are two scenes in what looks like two different locations, but both are supposedly the residence of the nurse, Isabella. I thought the 422 address in the latter scene would be a clue, but it didn’t net me any results.

Nurse’s Apartment
Nurse OD’s


This third scene is not so urgent, but I included it just for the heck of it. The darkness and rain doesn’t help very much.

(I’ve been hoping some day they’ll release a High Definition version of the film, but considering it was never a box office success, I fear the standard DVD resolution is all we’ll ever see.)

Pregnant Apartment 

Going in Style (1979)


Probably midtown. I think the bus is 6th Ave/7th Ave line. Sadly I think those old red buildings in the background are gone now.



Probably somewhere in the Astoria Queens area. Unlikely to find, unless we got lucky. The best chance is to look at Astoria in Google’s satellite view and see if any of the buildings look like the ones seen across the street in this scene.

Although it later occurred to me that this could have been shot in Greenpoint, near where they filmed in McGolrick Park.

Nephew’s Home


Another unlikely location to find, but thought I’d add it to the list.

Neighborhood Bar 


I assume this is a defunct prison or county jail. Not super motivated to find this scene, but I mostly added it to the page to share a scene with a young Mark Margolis (from Breaking Bad fame).


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